Activity Name:
Class Officers - Freshmen and Sophomores

Class Officers will represent their respective class and plan/organize different events throughout the year. Officers will be given the opportunity (once elected) to help plan and organize the Freshmen Class Fundraiser to raise money for their class and be involved in the T.E.A.M. Asset Toy Drive and other charity events. Officers will also get involved in community activities and be an essential part in the planning of the hallway decorations for their respective classes during homecoming week.

Contact Information:
Tricia Taylor

More Information:
Class officers are elected on a yearly basis by their respective class peers. Once elected, class officers will be given the opportunity to help plan and organize various events through out the year. Examples include, assisting with the freshman candy sale to raise money for prom, volunteer at a basketball concession stand, and any other events the officers would like to perform. Class officer meetings are held on a monthly basis to generate ideas. Class officers are also encouraged to join Student Council and attend their monthly meetings.