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Lincoln-Way in the News

Illinois State Scholars recognized at Lincoln-Way East
Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lincoln-Way East High School honored its 100 Illinois State Scholars this week with a special lunch in Griffins' Lair.

"We want to congratulate all of you for being our Illinois State Scholars," Associate Principal Aimee Feehery told students as they gathered in the school's community room for a celebratory lunch of soup and sandwiches on Jan. 24.

"You are among an elite group of students in the state of Illinois who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement in the classroom and on your ACT's," she added. "You rank in the top 10 percent of all graduating seniors. We are extremely proud of each and every one of you."

Among the school's 100 Illinois State Scholars are: Ayat Abourashed, Carolyn Aiello, Lucas Aleck, Mitchell Arvidson, Jack Bainbridge, Kevin Beebe, Cassandra Bennett, Jessica Bicek, Ryan Bird, Autumn Bromfield, Michaela Cantu, Christopher Chiang, Nicholas Colangelo, Veronica Connolly, Daniel Cooper, Rachael DiGrazia, Rachel DiNaso, Nicholas Dudczyk, Matthew Dudzik, Kevin Duffin and Caitlin Duffner.

Other Illinois State Scholars include: Asmaa Elshareif, Carissa Ernat, Kara Ferracuti, Cayla Frodyma, Elizabeth Geso, Thomas Gilman, Konrad Goc, Luke Greenfield, Courtney Grever, Alexa Grilli, Scott Hammond, Owen Haupt, Benjamin Hedges, Timothy Hoblin, Chad Hosman, Alan Hovorka, Eamonn Hughes, Ryan Huisenga, Katelyn Isdonas and Haley Iwaniec.

Additional Illinois State Scholars from East are: Jazmine Jenkins, Gregory Jennrich, Stephen Johnson, Jonathan Junkroski, Anthony Kaplan, Bradley Kosinski, Bryan Kowalkowski, Alexandra Kuebler, Christine Kurt, Frank Lewandowski, Alyssa Lyman, Kelsey Maka, Michael Marinier, Alyssa McBride, Kevin McIntyre, Briana Michaels, Edward Mulvihill, Jennifer Nebor, Brandon Nice, Curtis Olbrich and Samantha Ostmann.

Other Illinois State Scholars include: Joseph Papp, Hannah Petraitis, Kelsey Piech, Thomas Piet, Joseph Piscia, Patrick Power, David Purucker, Lucas Raczek, Nicole Rainford, Mark Reczek, Michael Reda, Maureen Rice, Jessie Roemer, Michael Rollberg, Joel Ruby, Julie Ruvoli and Allison Rymut.

Additional Illinois State Scholars are: Tyler Scaletta, Patrick Shea, Spencer Smith, Daniel Sobczak, Alexandra Spiroff, Alexander Straka, Justin Suda, Caitlin Sweeney, Kelly Twohig, Lindsay Tyler, Samantha Tylka, Jimmy Uteg III, Emma Vanderpool, Melina Vitucci, Alexander Vogt, James von Albade, Stephen Walch, Mary Wall, Kacie Walsh, Danielle Watt and Brandon Witt.

While the Illinois State Scholar Program does not include a monetary award, recipients are encouraged to cite the honor on applications for college admission and scholarships.

East's Illinois State Scholars will be recognized at the school's commencement exercises on May 30 when they will be given a special cord to wear with their graduation gowns.

"We are extremely proud of all the students that were able to attain this honor," said Dr. Scott Tingley, the principal at Lincoln-Way East. "They have distinguished themselves as the very best academically not only at Lincoln-Way East but also in the state."

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