Lincoln-Way Central Science Teacher Advances Teaching Methods
Thursday, July 13, 2017

On June 8, 2017 a Lincoln-Way Central Human Anatomy and Physiology Medical teacher, Samantha Taylor, attended a two-day Anatomy in Clay Conference at the Field Museum in Chicago, IL to adopt new strategies to grow her teaching methods in the classroom.

The conference had an in-depth focus on the human body but through a different, more hands-on method. This was both inspiring and beneficial for her and for the Lincoln-Way Central Science Department.

Taylor attended the Anatomy in Clay conference to meet and collaborate with other Anatomy and Physiology teachers, from all over the U.S., including Texas, California, Minnesota and Tennessee. The Anatomy in Clay Conference combined high school level skills along with collegiate level expertise.

This conference offered a hands-on, multi-sensory clay workshop of the human anatomy. Taylor took on the role of a student by participating in learning a new way of building the body with clay.

“If the hands can build it, the brain will remember it,” Samantha Taylor noted as the overall description of her professional development.

“We’ve had more students apply for a medical program than ever before. I learned a different way of working with the anatomy to bring to the classroom. This event was amazing in that it used models that are used in medical schools today, but also in that I learned new ways of building the body that I can incorporate in my current curriculum.

“It is very hard to find a means of professional development in our department, so I am very grateful for the benefits I received over this two day event.”

Taylor also works with Presence St. Joseph for students to attend medical classes two times a week for 12 weeks during the school year. She continues to assist students interested in this field with methods they could not receive outside of the classroom on their own.