Lincoln-Way East students reveal 2016-2017 yearbook
Thursday, May 18, 2017

On the evening of Wednesday, May 17, 2017 the Lincoln-Way East Yearbook Club invited parents and members of the administration to an exclusive “first peak” at the 2016-2017 yearbook. Students, staff, and families gathered in the Lincoln-Way East multipurpose room where they were sworn to secrecy before viewing the final product, which was released the next morning.

The theme that Yearbook Club selected for the year—“Emerge”—reflects the merging of District 210 schools. The cover depicts a Griffin of blue and gold, representing the school colors of both Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-Way North.

The introduction of the book says, “You may think you know us…Perhaps you’ve met us on a field, or a stage. Maybe you’ve read about our victories, our heartaches, our highs, our lows. You may think you know us…We’ve shaken hands on the mat or below a net. Maybe you’ve known us by a different name, under different colors. Maybe not. You may think you know us…But we are more than the sum of our parts. We are Lincoln-Way, ever true. Our hearts are golden, and our blood runs blue.”

Lincoln-Way East Yearbook Adviser, Amanda Cavanaugh, says, “My students showed so much maturity this year. Coming in to the year, we knew we had to both validate the way our student body was feeling about the year and anticipate how they might feel by the end of the year and honor both of those perspectives. They were honest and optimistic and I am so proud of the end result and of their growth as students and people this year.”

Not only were administrators and family members impressed with the final product, by the publisher of the yearbook, Walsworth Publishing, awarded “Gallery of Excellence” to the Lincoln-Way East Yearbook Club. This means that the Griffins’ creation will be used as a nationwide example of excellence when showing sample yearbooks to other schools.

The 2016-2017 final product also contains a virtual feature. Readers are able to download an application onto their smartphone in order to see the book “come to life” through their screens.

“This year was a very exciting year because of the new challenges we had to face and how we took our book to the next level by adding a new feature, ‘Aurasma’ for our cover," says Editor in Chief, Kailey Pulec. “The theme this of our yearbook is Emerge. We felt this theme was fitting for this year in particular because of all the obstacles we had to overcome. This year, students and staff had to rise above a lot and emerge out of a negative situation to turn it into something positive. This book represents school spirit. One of the biggest struggles we had as a yearbook staff was how to capture the moments of this year while keeping it authentic, yet hopeful. I am proud of how the staff handled this year and how hard everyone worked. We had a very successful year and are very proud of the yearbook we all created.”

The yearbook staff includes: Adviser: Mrs. Amanda Cavanaugh, Editor in Chief: Kailey Pulec, Associate Editor: Ailish Murphy, Design Editor: Sidney Bloomfield, Copy Editor: Francesca Persiani, staff members: Paige Spacek, Brian Kapec, Molly Goar, Moira Garvey, Madisen Sapato, Kathryn Sunderland, Summer Lecas, Becki Novak, Jeni Kawakami, Dana Co, Megan Borgens, Maddie Glatz, Maddie Herbert, Meghan Fisher, Cyla Dunican, Anna Breitbarth, Anna Power, Jade Christensen, Kelli Arseneau, and Sara Cooley.