Lincoln-Way West student poetry accepted for publication
Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Eight Lincoln-Way West students have been accepted for publication with Creative Communication, an international writing contest of essays and poetry for K-12 students. Fewer than half of all submissions are chosen for publication.

West English Department Chair, Mary Hilbert, says, "I am so proud of these students for their willingness to submit their writing. It takes great courage to submit something as personal as poetry and open one's self up to potential rejection."

The eight students' work will be published in the 10-12 division. The students are: Nick Andersen, Bri Keogh, Mark Lorenz, Milan Opsenica, Emily Paul, Joe Roedl, Annelise Trout, and Alex Wheeler.

Creative Communication notes, "Publishing the high merit poems from our contest creates a record of what is important today's students. Without this publication, the entries, which reflect the unique insight and perspective of the youth today would be lost forever."

Students initially submitted their entries in May of 2016, and winners were announced in September.

Senior Annelise Trout says, "I'm really excited about my piece being accepted to Creative Communication because this is the first year I've ever really tried sending in my writing for publication on various sites. I'm basking a bit in the irony that Creative Communication rejected my poem the first time I sent it in, but what I found to be great about the opportunity was that they sent me feedback from two different judges letting me know what was going right and what could have gone better, or how I could have expressed my point differently, as well as encouraged me to resubmit my piece after I had time to change a few things. I took their criticism, revamped my piece a bit, and sent it back in. Looks like the second time was the charm for me, and I hope to keep submitting pieces to various forums in the hopes of further publication."