Creative Farewells
Friday, May 27, 2016

As the end of the year comes to a close, teachers in District 210 have gone above and beyond to give an inspirational send-off to students of all grade levels. Lisa Yanule, an AP Language and English III teacher, was no exception.

Using iMovie technology, a well-prepared speech, and inspirational songs, Yanule sent her students into summer with memories from the 2015/2016 school year, and inspiration for the future.

Yanule began by telling her class how she considers her role as a teacher to be similar to that of a parent. Using a mother bird/ baby bird analogy, Yanule explained how, throughout the year, she had tried to both nurture and build independence in her students. "Like that mother bird, I hope that I came 'back to the nest' at the right times to guide you, and that now you feel confident moving on to the next adventure in your lives. As parents and teachers, it is hard to leave our babies and be confident that they will be ok--however, like that mother bird instinctively knows, we know that we provided the right tools, guidance, and encouragement for you to survive and be successful."

Yanule continued to list the books that the students had read this year, emphasizing the major lessons that she hoped students would remember from each. Books and major themes that she emphasized included:

A Raisin in the Sun: Do not allow others to define how you see yourself.

Winesburg, Ohio: We are all grotesque in our own ways; it is not for us to judge others and their grotesqueness.

Grapes of Wrath: We are all human; we are all part of something greater. When we work together, we can accomplish much more than if we try to "make it" on our own.

To complete her year-long tradition of "Music Fridays," Yanule used iMovie to play a photo slideshow set to meaningful and encouraging music. She read lyrics for her students to remember as they move forward into the next chapter of their lives, and ultimately, ended her speech with, "Whether you will remain a Knight, or you will become a Warrior, you are lucky to be a LINCOLN-WAY student!"

Yanule's farewell speech was incredibly well-received by her class. From her thoughtful students, she was given a picture frame with each book title written along the edges--which she plans to fill with photos from the year--in addition to a gift card. Of her fifteen year teaching career, Yanule stated that this had been her best year yet, simply due to the phenomenal students in her classrooms.

Lincoln-Way continues to take pride in all the exceptional teachers, such as Lisa Yanule, who thoughtfully relate course content to everyday life, display kindness in character, and go above and beyond in order to encourage students to achieve their very best. A huge "thank-you" goes out to all Lincoln-Way teachers for a wonderful school year.