Collaboration is Key
Monday, May 23, 2016

Jamie Ard, Speech Pathologist at Lincoln-Way East, knows the importance of providing students with the opportunities to apply what they're learning in authentic situations. Last week, along with teacher Sue Cimaroli and her Practical English Class, Ard teamed up with AP Psychology students from the classrooms of Tim Thompson and Eric Byar to help develop communication skills and focus on social interactions with peers.

"This was an excellent opportunity for the students to apply the skills they are learning by having real social interactions with the students from the AP Psychology class," stated Ard. The classes met first to practice communication skills, and met a second time to complete a survivor project.

Cimaroli's class just finished reading Hatchet, a book about a young boy who survives for 54 days in the rural Canadian wilderness after a plane crash.

The students were put into small groups and told that they were stranded in the wilderness and needed to survive. As the students started on their journey behind the school, they had to find 7 items that would be useful to their survival. Collaboratively, the groups ranked the items according to importance.

The groups did an excellent job working together in teams to come up with a survival plan. Byar thought it was a mutually beneficial experience, stating, "It was great to see the AP students show so much enthusiasm for the opportunity to interact with the students from Mrs. Cimaroli's class." All staff involved agreed that the collaboration could very possibly become an annual event.