Lincoln-Way Students Bring Home 106 Recognitions in Essay Contest
Friday, May 13, 2016

In an effort to fine-tune writing skills, inspire love for reading, and get their creativity flowing, students from all Lincoln-Way High Schools participated in the nation-wide contest, "Letters about Literature." During the school year, teachers submit the students' letters to the contest, which is sponsored by the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, and presented in cooperation with the Illinois Center for the Book, the Illinois State Library and Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of State and State Librarian.

"For our students, it's all about connection, and I really enjoy having the students take ownership of the project and see the reading come alive for them," says Reading Department Chair, Bridget Scheer.

Thousands of students from across the country participate each year by writing a letter to the author of a book, poem, or speech, explaining how the piece personally affected them. Some students even heard back from the authors themselves.

"It is exciting to see the students make connections with literature that they have read," says Media Center Specialist Aileen Koesche.

This year, in the high school age group, over 1500 letters were submitted. The competition awarded 39 finalists, six of which were Lincoln-Way students. Lincoln-Way students also made up 100 of the 232 semi-finalists.

"It's wonderful that the teachers provided the students with an opportunity to connect their reading and writing to their own personal experiences. The students' achievement helps to solidify our expectation that they will become lifelong readers. When books resonate with students, especially on a personal level, it paves the way for developing lifelong reading habits," says Reading Department Chair Erin Venezio.

The finalists and semi-finalists are listed below:

6 total Finalists:
Sam Ladwein: Lincoln-Way Central
Gina Arndt: Lincoln-Way East
Justin Erdmann: Lincoln-Way East
Jessica Keller: Lincoln-Way East
Angel Homans: Lincoln-Way East
Ryan Drake: Lincoln-Way North

100 total Semi-Finalists:
Ruby Grzesiak: Lincoln-Way Central
Kelsey Demski: Lincoln-Way Central
Alexis Troy: Lincoln-Way Central
Matthew Gill: Lincoln-Way Central
Alyssa Forster: Lincoln-Way Central
Ethan Ash: Lincoln-Way Central
Colleen Gip: Lincoln-Way Central
Michael McCormack: Lincoln-Way Central
Quinn Diers: Lincoln-Way Central
Megan Rudzinski: Lincoln-Way Central
Andrew Klukis: Lincoln-Way Central
Victoria Myers: Lincoln-Way Central
Kalei Bass: Lincoln-Way Central
Tom Cook: Lincoln-Way Central
Caroline Ezell: Lincoln-Way Central
Emily Lange: Lincoln-Way Central
Julia Martin: Lincoln-Way Central
Maddie White: Lincoln-Way Central
John Soldan: Lincoln-Way East
Annalise Osswald: Lincoln-Way East
Nia Donfris: Lincoln-Way East
Devin Galmines: Lincoln-Way East
Madeline Herbert: Lincoln-Way East
Carleigh Phelon: Lincoln-Way East
Emma Stefanovich: Lincoln-Way East
Victoria Bauer: Lincoln-Way East
Sebastian Murzanski: Lincoln-Way East
Sophia Marz: Lincoln-Way East
Mara Novakovi: Lincoln-Way East
Lauren Thompson: Lincoln-Way East
Michael Thompson: Lincoln-Way East
Cole Chojnacki: Lincoln-Way East
Elise Clayton: Lincoln-Way East
Annie Fushi: Lincoln-Way East
Adnan Hussein: Lincoln-Way East
Karleen Meding: Lincoln-Way East
Amanda Finn: Lincoln-Way East
Megan Januszewski: Lincoln-Way East
Alex Seielstad: Lincoln-Way East
Patrick Murray: Lincoln-Way East
Sabrina Swanson: Lincoln-Way East
Alexandria Ritz: Lincoln-Way East
Hannah Bolden: Lincoln-Way East
Vilius Varpucanskis: Lincoln-Way East
Andrew Mulheran: Lincoln-Way North
Kelly Pickert: Lincoln-Way North
Alyssa Rudinski: Lincoln-Way North
Jessica Van Alstine: Lincoln-Way North
Megan Blaney: Lincoln-Way North
Zachary Jurgens: Lincoln-Way North
Anuj Soni: Lincoln-Way North
Abby Aguirre: Lincoln-Way North
Jordan Bruni: Lincoln-Way North
Nicholas Coleman: Lincoln-Way North
Noah Marron: Lincoln-Way North
Stephanie Shoaf: Lincoln-Way North
Alexis Storen: Lincoln-Way North
Cassidy Tanner: Lincoln-Way North
Sarah Miranda: Lincoln-Way North
Samantha Cunningham: Lincoln-Way North
Emily Farmer: Lincoln-Way North
Luke Fitzgerald: Lincoln-Way North
Katelyn Orth: Lincoln-Way North
Ryan Saldana: Lincoln-Way North
Tyler Seputis: Lincoln-Way North
Jaz Culpepper: Lincoln-Way North
Dina Kanaan: Lincoln-Way North
Galib Matar: Lincoln-Way North
Joshua Ohiku: Lincoln-Way North
Kyle Ray: Lincoln-Way North
Kea Roppolo: Lincoln-Way North
Kailah Thomas: Lincoln-Way North
Parker Tummolo: Lincoln-Way North
Anthony Veleta: Lincoln-Way North
Bryce Wyma: Lincoln-Way North
Bradley Ashmus: Lincoln-Way North
Thomas Hull: Lincoln-Way North
Delaney Jacobson: Lincoln-Way North
Abigail Lindeman: Lincoln-Way North
Chance Satka: Lincoln-Way North
Kimberly Schultz: Lincoln-Way North
Nneoma Ebiringah: Lincoln-Way North
Rachel Parsons: Lincoln-Way North
Migi Quinones: Lincoln-Way North
Sean Raslavicz: Lincoln-Way North
Gracie Weber: Lincoln-Way North
Guillermo Angel: Lincoln-Way North
John Cooke: Lincoln-Way North
Marcus Gualandri: Lincoln-Way North
Shannon Klemm: Lincoln-Way West
Adriana Zuniga: Lincoln-Way West
Sarah Milcarek: Lincoln-Way West
Rhiannon Seaborg: Lincoln-Way West
Alexia Lopez: Lincoln-Way West
Trent Pitcairn: Lincoln-Way West
Joe Gonzalez: Lincoln-Way West
Madilyn Karales: Lincoln-Way West
Michael Nork: Lincoln-Way West
Ally Greenwald: Lincoln-Way West
Sam Hojnacki: Lincoln-Way West