Half of Art Scholarship Winners are Lincoln-Way Students
Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Tuesday, May 3rd, the winners of the 2016 Dangers of Heroin Art Scholarship Contest were announced by Director of Crime Prevention and Public Access, Charles B. Pelkie Jr. Half of those who received scholarships were students of Lincoln-Way.

The goal of the contest was to have the artists create compelling images to warn others about the deadly dangers of using heroin. Artists researched the topic, and created artwork to submit their findings.

After receiving more than 60 submissions from schools throughout Will County, the State's Attorney, James W. Glasgow, awarded scholarships to six students, three of which came from Lincoln-Way schools. Rebecca Kahney, of Lincoln-Way Central, came in 3rd place for her piece "Heroin Kills." Skylar Bojan of Lincoln-Way Central and JoHannah Eckert of Lincoln-Way North were also honored with scholarships as Runners Up for their pieces, "Looking Through the Needle" and "The Needle Lies."

The selection process allowed impartial judgement by removing the name of the schools and artists before the art was revealed. All artwork was displayed for one week, and while several members of the State's Attorney's Office weighed in on their favorites, the final call was made by State's Attorney Glasgow.

"The selection process was extraordinarily difficult because of the quality of the artwork," said Pelkie in an email addressed to artists, teachers, and parents. He continued, "We hope your students' eyes were opened, and that they found the work rewarding and compelling. State's Attorney Glasgow already is making plans for another scholarship contest in 2017."