Lincoln-Way Students Travel to Europe over Spring Break
Friday, April 8, 2016

Students who are studying German from all 4 LW schools have participated on the trip, and it's been that way since we started traveling back in 2006. On our European trip this year, we visit the German-speaking countries of Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. Students visited such sites as the romantic medieval town of Rothenburg, Germany.

Rothenburg has literally not changed its appearance since the middle ages, and it still has its entire protective city wall and watch towers in tact from the 1300's. We also visit the equally charming and well-preserved Bavarian village of Dinkelsbuehl, about an hour from Rothenburg. This town also still has its entire city wall and watch towers from the middle ages still completely intact.

From there they traveled to Munich, the capital of the southern German state of Bavaria. They visited the Olympic village and then the royal residence of the Bavarian royal family, called Nymphenburg. They then left Munich and travel about an hour to the famous Neuschwanstein castle built by the Bavarian King Ludwig II. “This is one of the highlights of the trip,” stated German teacher Randy Schumacher.

Then they traveled to beautiful Alpine town of Innsbruck, Austria. They also traveledto Luzern, Switzerland, where they went the top of the local mountain peak, which is called Mt. Pilatus. Its elevation is 7,000 feet, so the views are spectacular. They then return to Germany to visit Heidelberg, where Germany's oldest university is.

“It's amazing watching the students use their German and navigate in another culture so well. It's very rewarding to hear our students successfully interact with native German speakers on a daily basis,” commented Schumacher.