Environmental Action Club Travels to Starved Rock
Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Lincoln-Way North Environmental Action Club traveled to Starved Rock to accomplish one of our Outdoor Teen Bill of Rights we post on our Website: http://smccreary4.wix.com/lwnoutdoors2

The Club challenges students to have each student accomplish the following.

1.Camp under the stars
2. Catch and release fish, frogs, and reptiles
3. Climb to the highest point
4. Go on a picnic in the woods
5. Hike prairies, forests, and dunes
6. Bike a trail
7. Enjoy creeks, rivers, and lakes
8. Play an old school games outdoors
9. Help at a local conservation site
10. Play in the mud

“It is difficult to ask a teenager to understand the causes and solutions of environmental problems without first creating a love and respect of the environment.

Our Lincoln-Way Outdoor Bill of Rights is designed to get teenagers involved in unique and fun experiences in the outdoors,” commented Scott McCreary, Lincoln-Way North Environmental Action Sponsor and Biology teacher.