Lincoln-Way West Honors Top Academic Students
Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lincoln-Way West High School hosted its annual Breakfast with the Principal event on September 9 to honor its top academic students.

More than 150 parents and students attended the event in the lobby of the schools auditorium to recognize the accomplishments of Wests top 15 students in the sophomore, junior and senior class.

Students at Lincoln-Way West take great ownership of their academic goals and accomplishments, said Dr. Monica Schmitt, Principal of Lincoln-Way West. We are so proud of these students for their hard work and grateful for the leadership they provide which adds to the fantastic school culture at West.

As guests arrived, a string ensemble performed, including student musicians Anna-Christina Crisman, Allison Fron, Elizabeth Ramsden, Rachel Singh, Mattie Taylor, and Christopher Welch.

Parents were invited to sign up for the Breakfast with the Principal at the school's Back to School Night. Every year, Lincoln-Way principals invite parents to the schools to hear current trends in education and details about district and school programs.

Lincoln-Way West parents received information about the advantages of taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses from AP teachers Michelle Cartolano and Jeff Render. Cartolano was voted Teacher of the Year last year and Render received the award in 2013.

Students who demonstrate success in AP courses and exams are able to gain college credits and enter college better prepared, Cartolano said. It opens students up to more opportunities to take courses in their major, gain internships, or study abroad.
Cartolano explained that a new state law ensures that students who earn a 3 or higher on the AP exam are eligible for college credit at Illinois state schools.

Render explained that outside of college credit, AP courses and exams have many benefits including practice with college level work, greater depth in subject matters, and one-one-guidance from AP teachers.

In AP courses, students become biologists, chemists, historians and statisticians, Render said. The coursework extends beyond memorization and allows students to gain important problem solving and strategic thinking skills.

Following the AP presentation, Dr. Schmitt introduced students, highlighted their accomplishments, and seniors shared their college and career plans.

Students hope to attend the University of Illinois, University of Alabama, Purdue University, DePaul University, Drake University, Northwestern University, and Washington University, among other notable colleges.

Students plan to major in Aeronautical Engineering, Biochemistry, Education, Economics, International Business, Marketing, Music, Political Science and other major areas of study.

In addition to making the top 15, students are involved in athletic programs, Marching Band, Madrigals, Mathletes, National Honor Society, Scholastic Bowl, Science Club, tutoring, Warrior Way, and several maintain perfect attendance.

The Top 15 seniors in the class of 2016 are: Abriella Caravette, Jacob Carlson, Anna-Christina Crisman, Rachel Czaja, Jenna Czart, Olivia DeGroot, Regina Durling, Dakota Jandek, Daniel McGrory, Julia Monti, Jacquelyn Moore, Sabrina Norton, Dario Panici, Rachel Singh and Mattie Taylor.

The Top 15 juniors in the class of 2017 are Mitchell Alcoser, Melanie Brace, Melissa Horton, Heather Koska, William Laitar, Sarah Lehmann, Madison Macica, Courtney O'Donnell, Christian Panici, Hannah Slater, Tyler Starkus, Cassidy Tiberi, Annelise Trout, Sydney Valiska, and Sydney Whalen.

The Top 15 sophomores in the class of 2018 are Kevin Beallis, Jaclyn Dolan, Olivia Grubisich, Liam Hall, Hannah Horvath, Luke James, Madison Jenkins, Tim Lange, Nicole Martorano, Brennan OBrien, Katherine OHara, Katherine Pavlak, Sara Schelinski, Alaina Singh, and Tayler Wollek.