L-W East Musician Selected to Perform at Pepperdine Master Class
Friday, September 4, 2015

Lincoln-Way East student Joe Hertz has been accepted into a Master Class with world-renowned classical guitar virtuoso Christopher Parkening at Pepperdine University for the second year in a row.

Hertz will perform for Parkening and an audience of other student musicians on Pepperdines stage on September 19 for fifteen minutes and receive a critique for about 30-45 minutes.

Hertz said Parkening is number three in the world for classical guitar and number one in America. He also serves as Pepperdines Distinguished Professor of Music and since 2002 he has chaired the Christopher Parkening Chair in Classical Guitar.

Last year at Pepperdine, I enjoyed meeting the other classical guitar students and learning from Christophers expertise at age ten, he began practicing for four hours every day and he had a record contract by age 17, Hertz said.

I just hope to gain a nugget of information that I can use to grow and improve my skill, Hertz said of his opportunity to perform for Parkening.

Hertz said Parkening selects students to perform in the Master Class based on level of musicality, something he said, took him a lot of time to develop.

In sixth grade, Hertz began receiving private lessons from Lincoln-Way East Music Teacher Mr. Teare. In high school, Mr. Teare has taught Hertz in Guitar Studio for four years and currently in Advanced Placement Music Theory.

I was not a natural and I didnt just pick it up, Hertz said about his talent. I had to put in hours and hours of practice every day. Mr. Teare taught me a planting technique that helped me increase my speed and allowed me to play more technical music.

"Joe has been one of the most outstanding students that I have ever had, Teare said. He exemplifies the EAST Effort, Attitude, Spirit, and Teamwork that we try so hard to instill in all of our students. Aside from offering the best of his musical prowess to each and every class, rehearsal, and performance... he cares deeply for helping others achieve the same greatness."

Hertz developed an interest in classical guitar in eighth grade after seeing East graduate Scott Mitchell perform at the end of the year concert.

It was very inspiring and I thought, I want to do that too, Hertz said.

Hertz is also a trumpet player with Lincoln-Way Easts band.

Band helped me to develop my musicality in ways that I couldnt on my own, Hertz said. I learned how to be part of group and that if I dont do my job, it affects the entire band.

Last year, Hertz received the "Andres Segovia Excellence in Guitar Performance Award" through the music program at East. He was the first junior to receive that award.

Hertz said his goals now are to make the most of his senior year, perform with the Lincoln-Way East Brass Quintet, play an advanced classical guitar solo at the end of the year concert and build his repertoire to get an opportunity to perform a concert at one of the local libraries.

He also provides classical guitar lessons to middle and high school students.

After high school, he wants to pursue music education at either Pepperdine University or Indiana University.