Lincoln-Way Students Recognized among States Top Readers and Writers
Friday, May 29, 2015

Several Lincoln-Way freshman students were named finalists and semi-finalists in the Letters about Literature competition. The competition asks students in grades fourth through twelfth to read a book and write a letter to the author, detailing how the book has impacted them personally.

Nearly 7,000 letters were submitted from students across Illinois in the national reading and writing contest sponsored by the Library of Congress in partnership with the Illinois State Library and the Illinois Center for the Book.

This is a great accomplishment because it demonstrates that our students reading and writing skills are among the top in the state, said Bridget Scheer, Lincoln-Way Central Reading Department Chair.

As a teacher, this is the first year I have ever had a finalist and we had three, said Kathryn Sulkowski. Our students did a great job reacting and connecting to their book and put a lot of depth and thought into their letters to the authors.

Lincoln-Way Central Teacher Kathryn Sulkowski
Ryan Burke
Emily Karalus
Lexie Krupske

Angelina Condit
Jacob Kaehr
Haley Paraday
Kayla Rodriguez
Gianna Ruiz
Samantha Baker
Stephen Fieffer
Tyler Flood
Jamie Furtek
Nick Hallow
Shun Judge
Corrina Koerner
Jake Munn
Sydney Samoska
Teresa Vickers
Emily Wesselhoff

Lincoln-Way Central and East Teacher Janine Valkema
Hailey Hanus
Jake Welker

Lincoln-Way East/North Reading Department Chair Erin Venezio
Mike Kopinski
Alyssa Aggen
Maria Fields
Stephanie Vanwitzenburg

Lincoln-Way West Teacher Amy Lidy
Jenna Fiore
Katelyn Bodell
Madison Jenkins
Megan Healy

Lincoln-Way West Teacher Mrs. Beth Biesen
Meghan Maynard

Lincoln-Way Central/West Reading Department Chair Bridget Scheer
Jared Clutter
Abby Lavelle
Sarah Stamborski
Jaclyn Dolan
Katelyn King
Brennon Waaso