Message to Community
Saturday, June 6, 2020

Lincoln-Way Community,

During this most challenging of times, it is critically important that it is known that Lincoln-Way District 210 vehemently opposes racism in any form, particularly within our school community. The tensions of the day are no surprise considering the history of systemic racism and intolerance in our country. We must openly address the negative impact of systemic racism and discrimination through our total commitment to school practices, curricular choices, teaching methods, discipline policies, professional interactions, and celebrations that honor the dignity, humanity, and heritage of all of our students.

We have the humility to recognize our imperfections on this issue and commit to ongoing work to diligently be an institution that is affirmatively anti-racist. We also understand that any sentiment of universal human value like this must be demonstrated in actions. Therefore, we are committing to planning for steps for heightened recognition of the rights, values, and services needed of all human beings and true equity for all students. We know at this time that planning to ensure equity and dignity is just as important as preparing to safely open school in the fall during the COVID 19 era.

Lincoln-Way District 210 is committed to the academic and social-emotional growth and well-being of all students where all are welcomed, all are included, all have meaning, and all are valued.