Lincoln-Way East Hosts “Griffins Growing STEM”
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

On February 4, 100 young scientists walked through the halls and visited the science lab rooms for the Lincoln-Way East Science Department’s annual Griffins Growing STEM event. East science teachers and students volunteer their evening to teach students in kindergarten through 4th grade about different science topics.

The program began at 4:45 where young scientists were introduced to their Griffin science buddy at registration. April Richter, Jill Enguita, and Kendra Will paired the young scientist with their student volunteers. Parents were ushered into the Griffins Lair where they heard talks from the Exemplary Student Research Program, led by Jami Voliva and the Robotics Team led by Dan Moore. After the talks parents participated in a Q&A with each of the groups.

While parents were learning, so were their students. The topics taught included: plants taught by Julie Widinski, Camille Gonzalez-Jensen, and Ross Widiniski; density taught by Carlie Premo, Beth Swaney and Shane Tucker; crystal and minerals taught by Maria Wilson, Liz Janik, Katarina Kaplarevic, and Nicole Cashen; electrostatics taught by Mike Murphy and Wes Cooley; and fingerprint analysis taught by Ryan Lodes and Dawn McAvoy.

At the end of the program students helped themselves to juice and cookies.

“I am always impressed with the schema of our young scientists, as well as the love of science seen by my colleagues and our current Griffins,” said Maria Wilson, Lincoln-Way East Science Department Chair.