Lincoln-Way 210 Students Place High at Regional Bridge Building Contest
Thursday, January 30, 2020

Students from Lincoln-Way District 210 competed in the Regional Bridge Building contest on Tuesday, January 28, at Illinois Institute of Technology.

There were about 80 bridges from more than 25 schools entered in the contest, which was broken into three regions, South Suburbs, North Suburbs and the City of Chicago.

In the South Suburbs Region, Lincoln-Way 210 had eight of the top 10 spots. Lincoln-Way East student Tori Entwistle’s bridge won the contest with an efficiency of 2258.

Lincoln-Way East’s Jackson Seida finished second, Lincoln-Way Central’s Kaitlyn Bittner finished fourth, Lincoln-Way East’s Davey Fitzpatrick finished fifth, Lincoln-Way West’s Nolan Krol and Sydney Swanberg finished sixth and seventh, Lincoln-Way East’s Jacob Falejczyk finished eighth, and Lincoln-Way Central’s Hannah Luming finished ninth.

Tori’s bridge had a mass around 19 grams (about the mass of 4 nickels) and held 43 kg (about 95 pounds). The winning bridge is determined by efficiency. The equation for efficiency is the mass held divided by the mass of the bridge. Efficiency states that her bridge held 2258 times its own mass.

Tori also received the Garcher Trophy, awarded to the most efficient bridge in the three Chicago regions. The trophy is named in honor of the founder of Midwest Products, a big supporter of this contest in its early days.
Tori Entwistle and Jackson Seida now are eligible to represent Lincoln-Way East at the International Bridge Building Contest at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago on May 9th.

“It is great to see the students work on projects outside of the classroom and relate them to topics learned in the classroom,” said Lincoln-Way East science teacher Mike Murphy. “It was obvious from their designs and results, that these students devoted a lot of hard work and time into this project.”