L-W East honors Illinois State Scholars
Monday, January 26, 2015

Lincoln-Way East High School honored its 88 Illinois State Scholars recently with a special lunch in Griffins Lair.

We want to congratulate all of you for being our Illinois State Scholars. Youre hard work pays off, Associate Principal Joe Skarbek told students as they gathered in the schools community room for a celebratory lunch of soup and sandwiches.

Among the schools 88 Illinois State Scholars are: Rachel Alexander, Andrew Hoyle, Timothy Vyhnanek, Megan Arseneau, Justin Johnson, Laura Walch, Kelsey Bailey, Anant Joshi, Shaun Wasso, Cole Barnes, Slawomir Jozwik, Dean Welby, Olivia Bauer, James Kayhan, Sundelle Williams, Jesenia Kolimas, Stephanie Zuccato, Sarah Bortscheller, Alex Kraft, Mark Brown, Emily Kruer, Daniel Brtis, Valentine Lang, Sabrina Bruozas, Hannah Lynn, Tyler Burk, Julia Mauser, Victoria Bulter, Colleen McBrady, Sedona Cady, Natalie McCray, James Carroll and Lauren McGrath.

Additional Illinois State Scholars from East are: Tatum Carroll, Maire McGrath, Nicholas Cesario, Brianna McKenna, Anthony Colangelo, Michael Mitchell, Maria Corazzi, Eric Mueller, Emily Cosgrove, Riley Murphy, Abby Couwenhoven, Matthew Murray, Justin Czerwinski, Ayodeji Olaleye, Taylor Deacon, Emma Owczarzak, Allison Dolan, Emily Papp, Nathan Drewes, Sara Piotroski, Samantha Dunlap, Jack Riley, Michael Enright, John Rochon, Jacquelin Farquhar, Andrew Rodeghero, Nicholas Ferracuti, Nathan Rogers, Nora Fialkowski, Levi Ruby, Christian Geoppo, Alyssa Ruvoli, Anna Gerdes and Erica Sestak.

Other Illinois State Scholars include: Natalie Gevaudan, Jessica Sheetz, Frank Godawski, Zoe Spada, Sara Groth, Austin Tallarita, Thomas Hamilton, Rachel Twohig, Samuel Haupt, Rachael Van Huis, Abigail Hauschild, Vanessa Van Oost, Kenichi Haynie, Nastassia Velazquez, Matthew Heinen, Jackson Bax, Kyle Keuch, Ryan Zelenika and Thomas Hoblin.

We are extremely proud of all the students that were able to attain this honor. I encourage all recipients to cite the honor on applications for college admission and scholarships, Dr. Sharon Michalak, principal, told the East students.

Michalak asked the students about their plans for college next year. Students during one lunch period mentioned Vanderbilt University, University of Illinois, Northwestern University, Washington University in St. Louis, Stetson College in Florida, and the University of Chicago.

Lincoln-Way East Illinois State Scholars will be recognized at the schools commencement exercises on June 3, 2015 when they will be given a special cord to wear with their graduation gowns.