Lincoln-Way Schools Host Anti-Bullying Presentations to all Students
Thursday, October 24, 2019

Lincoln-Way schools are hosting a variety of initiatives throughout the month of October as part of National Bullying Month.

Every student at all three Lincoln-Way High Schools attended an anti-bullying presentation during their advisories.

At Lincoln-Way Central, Activities and Assets Coordinator Dustin Waddell and Associate Principal Veronica Tylka-Shaw, reminded students to step up when they see bullying amongst their peers. Students should stand up for each other, and either tell a trusted adult or report an incident through the District’s online Bully/Safety Report. They said most importantly, “just be kind to one another.”

At Lincoln-Way West, students attended a presentation titled “Warriors are Kind.” School counselor Chrissy Hack and Activities and Assets Coordinator Heather Novak helped students understand the differences between rude, mean, and bullying.

“We all have a story,” said Mrs. Hack. “Everyone comes to school carrying something. There are so many of you that are battling things and maybe you haven’t told anyone.”

Bullying can lead to anxiety, violence to others, depression, or even suicidal thoughts. Fourteen percent of children age 14-19 have had thoughts of hurting themselves.

Over at Lincoln-Way East, PPS Director Jeanne Schaefer and Activities and Assets Coordinator Jaime Pearson hosted a Suicide Awareness presentation to students stressing the importance of protecting a friend or someone they know who is struggling, and expressed how much each student matters.

“You are more important than you realize. Life gets complicated. All that pressure can build up and some days you feel like you don’t have choices,” said Mrs. Schaefer.

They also expressed how important it is if you see something, say something and how teachers are there to be their trusted adult. They also introduced a variety of Griffin leaders who are involved in various clubs and are there to support each other. Every student left the presentation with a blue bracelet with the Crisis Line of Will County phone number on it.

All three schools reminded students of the District’s online Bully/Safety Report http://www.lw210.org/parents/bully-reporting-form.php, which can be used for reporting a multitude of instances and/or concerns involved in a school community. The District investigates and intervenes in several cases throughout the year, involving claims of inappropriate conduct, harassment, intimidation, and bullying. Any report is fully investigated and documented by the SSO or PPS office. Incidents where students are rude or mean are addressed by PPS or SSO to help students learn appropriate social skills to avoid future instances. In situations where bullying or inappropriate conduct is present, disciplinary action is taken. Bullying, intimidation, and harassment is not acceptable at Lincoln-Way, and diminishes a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate. Preventing students from engaging in these disruptive behaviors is an important District goal.