Lincoln-Way East Fall Play
Monday, October 21, 2019

Everyone likes a good mystery, right? Add comedy to the mix and it is irresistible. Come out and join us Thursday, October 24 or Saturday, October 26 at 7 pm or Sunday, October 27 at 2 pm as Lincoln-Way East Theater Company presents “The Trouble with Summer People by Tim Kelly. The story is set in a Bed and Breakfast on an island off Massachusetts. Sit back and enjoy the show as this eclectic group of eccentrics tries to figure out who done it. Who done what you ask? Murder. Who murdered Morgan Pitkin? Tickets are $5 for students, $10 for adults. Advance purchase tickets are available for $5.

The cast:
MORGAN PITKIN - recently deceased Alexis Ortiz-Hekr
MARGARET AMES - owns the guest house Kayleigh Heffelmire
FLUFF - Margaret's distant cousin Chloe Steffel
DANNY - criminology student Leyla Eames
HERMIONE QUAIL - handywoman Mya Bremmer
RUPERT BAXTER - Margaret's nephew Sean Dore
PHELPS - taxi driver Matt Lombardo
JANIS - Rupert's wife Gianna Smyth
HARRIET ELLIOT - on holiday Mary Fontenot
CHIEF EDWARDS - local law Noah Weygandt
NINA PUCKLE - owns antique shop Morgan Mucha
DORRIT - her sister Larissa Bauer
AL GOBLIN - guest at Wind Chimes Alexis Ortiz-Hekr
VICTORIA ST. JOHN - bird watcher Jennah Halawa

Technical Crew:

Ricky Bauer
Gabby Bierdz
Jaeley Banzon
Matiana De Alba
Chayil Dozier
Emily Graham
Alex Jansen
Katherine Malcolm
Bri Nelson
Dorothy Sargent
Ashley Staszak
Lauren Staszak

Technical Director: Mr. Patrick Spreadbury
Director: Mrs. Elizabeth Swaney

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