Argonne Exemplary Student Research Program
Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Lincoln-Way East students are getting hands-on experience alongside top scientists at Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source. This year the following students are representing East in this program: Seniors- Kendall Blankenburg, Patrick Rossetto, Kira Martin, Sara Cooley, Melissa Bauer, Rishi Patel, Husna Hussaini, Junior - Jill Ketchen, Sophomore - Aidan Dauber.

Through Argonne’s Exemplary Student Research Program, student teams conduct experiments using their particle accelerator called the synchrotron.

East’s students will work with Argonne scientist George Sterbinsky to prepare a research proposal, design and set up an experiment, gather and analyze data, make conclusions, and prepare a final poster.

“I believe this project is extremely important to all of the science students at East,” said Chemistry and Forensic Science teacher Mr. Benjamin Voliva. “Like having a great sports team represents the athletic greatness of Lincoln-Way East, having an all-star team of science students represents the intellectual greatness of East. It represents a goal that many are striving to accomplish. Additionally, the top tier universities in America are expecting their applicants to have experiences like this on their resumes. If we are to open the doors to those universities for our students, we have to provide opportunities like this for our top candidates to experience.”

This is the third year Lincoln-Way East has participated in the program. Previously, the Griffins tested their own catalytic converters for the experiment, which were donated by Bettenhausen Dodge of Tinley Park. Their project was one of few involved in ESRP to have a definite conclusion. The research and design of both their poster and abstract prompted the students’ work to be displayed in the Learning Center at Argonne and on its education website. It was the model presented to this year’s participants.

Last year, the students tested iron supplements and questioned the cause of degradation of supplements. Once again their research was met with praise.

“The Science Department is thrilled to have Mr. Voliva bring our students this research opportunity for the third time,” said Lincoln-Way East Science Department Chair Maria Wilson.