Lincoln-Way West Library Creating Fun Ways to Prep for SAT
Thursday, March 21, 2019

Across Lincoln-Way 210, teachers are putting in extra work to help students prepare for the upcoming SAT test on April 9, and many are getting creative.

A section of the library at Lincoln-Way West has been turned into an Escape Room. Students can sign up in groups, or work as an individual, to answer a number of SAT questions. The answer to each question will be the combination for a lock to open another lock and reveal the next question. If they complete all of the questions and open each lock, they win an SAT survival kit and they can "escape" the room.

“We wanted to have the library participate in preparing our students for the SAT in a fun way,” said Librarian Jennifer Bromann-Bender. “They all seem to be really into answering the questions, working together, and finding the clues.”

All participants will be entered in a raffle for an SAT prep book.

Students have also gotten a little extra SAT practice in the library by playing Kahoot, a game-based online learning platform, with questions about SAT vocabulary and literary devices.
The week before the SAT, staff will project SAT questions on the wall of the library along with the answers and explanations during all advisory hours.

“These teachers are so creative and these are great ideas to bring academia into the library,” said Lincoln-Way West principal Monica Schmitt.