Lincoln-Way Cadets earn "Cadet of the Quarter" title
Monday, March 11, 2019

On March 7th, 2019, the AFJROTC cadet board met to score cadet candidates for “Cadet of the Quarter.”

Cadet of the Quarter recognizes cadets who have excelled in the AFJROTC program. After students are nominated, they complete a nominee package questionnaire—worth a maximum of 45 points—and then meet the board in person for another possible 55 points. The nominee package questionnaire asks the cadets eight questions pertaining to their involvement in AFJROTC, the school, the community, and demonstration of leadership skills. Upon completion, the cadets turn in the questionnaire and meet with the board. Each cadet who meets the board is issued a study guide that will help them prepare for potential questions from board members.

The board was chaired by the cadet group commander, Arick Hauschild. The additional board members consist of the cadet squadron commanders. These cadets are Alec Boyens, Jordan Carte, Magan Martinez, Cheyanne Montano and are referred to as “The Top.” The board evaluates the applicants through an inspection of their uniform, a drill command performance, and a series of questions. Once the scoring is complete, the board recommends a winner in each category (based on the cadet’s year in AFJROTC) to Colonel (retired) George Ramey.

“The cadets who met the board have excelled compared to their peers. Being nominated to meet the board is an honor and privilege,” said Col. Ramey. “The competition was very close. Although meeting a live board can be a nerve-racking experience, those who prepare for the board tend to do well.”

Winners of the competition were announced on March 11, 2019. The winners for Cadet of the Quarter by year in AFJROTC are:
• Sydney M. Page- 1st Year Winner
• Kasper E. Roach- 2nd Year Winner
• Cal H. Pearse- 3rd Year Winner
• Beau Magro- 4th Year Winner

All winners will have their official unit photo displayed on “The Wall of Fame” for one year and each will receive the Superior Performance Ribbon at the semester awards ceremony.