Lincoln-Way East Students Study at Argonne National Laboratory
Friday, November 16, 2018

On Wednesday, November 14, 24 Lincoln-Way East students and three teachers attended an engineering experience at Argonne National Laboratory. The “Extreme X-rays” experience allowed students to create a Gauss cannon in order to achieve the highest final velocity. First students learned about how the Advanced Photon Source (APS) works at Argonne. Students learned about magnetic fields and how magnets can manipulate an object’s motion. Students Zoe Sterr, Sara Cooley, Kailey Lindaur, and Ela Eames achieved the groups’ highest velocity of 3.89 m/s.

Afterwards, students learned some basics about diffraction. They then were able to go through an experiment in which they had to analyze and predict the structure of an object based off of diffraction patterns of lasers. Then students and teachers went for a tour in the APS. They were allowed a birds eye view of the facility, then were given the privilege of looking at where scientists work in the APS.

Lastly, they ate lunch with the scientists. Mr. Ryan Lodes, physics teacher, Mr. Jami Voliva, chemistry teacher and Mrs. Maria Wilson physics teacher were the three chaperones and each left with potential lab/lesson ideas. Students left with a further passion for science and engineering. Mohammed Attallah stated that it “was a dream come true to meet all of these scientists and engineers.” Manny Tsoukatos thanks the teachers for “this great experience.”