Lincoln-Way East Alumnus to Intern at CERN Laboratories
Tuesday, November 6, 2018

A 2017 Lincoln-Way East graduate is heading overseas to work in one of the top physics laboratories in the world. Sabrina Corsetti will be interning at CERN Laboratories in Switzerland as part of their Semester Abroad program.

Sabrina, a sophomore at University of Michigan, currently works at Randall Laboratory, the research addition of the University of Michigan department of physics. She’s spent the past year as part of a research group working on an experiment intended to explain a discrepancy between two different measurements of the radius of a proton.

“My research has been the highlight of my time at Michigan, so one of my professors recommended that I apply for the CERN Semester Abroad in order to further my research experience,” she said.

At CERN, Sabrina will be working on a project pertaining to the decay of the Higgs boson, a recently discovered elementary particle known to have ties to the masses of other particles.

“I will either be working on analysis of its decay into particles called muons, which are similar to electrons, or on the installation of new muon-detection hardware on the Large Hadron Collider, a particle accelerator designed to simulate the conditions of the universe shortly after the Big Bang, Sabrina said.”

Sabrina attributes her time here at Lincoln-Way to help lay the foundation of her work.

“My teachers always went above and beyond to make sure that they not only taught their subjects but that they also encouraged us to ask questions, dig deeper into what we were learning, and have passion for our studies. Lincoln-Way prepared me for college studies in a field I love by putting me in constant contact with teachers teaching in a field they loved.”