Students Learn About Various Trades at Career Fair
Thursday, November 1, 2018

Welder, electrician, police officer, EMT- with so many different job fields, how do students decide their future? Students from all three Lincoln-Way high schools met with a variety of local professionals in about 20 different trades at the inaugural Career Fair at Lincoln-Way Central.

“I’m not set on something yet, I know I want to help people. I wanted to learn about options, nursing, EMT,” said Angie Juskie, a senior at Lincoln-Way East.

“I’m interested in the union,” said Brooke Pisano, a junior at Lincoln-Way East. “What job offers are there in plumbing, etc. Painting was interesting.”

Representatives from local businesses were on hand to talk with students and hand out informational materials. Many provided hands-on demonstrations like brick paving, cement cutting, and pipe shaping.

“Most students don’t have great understanding of what they want to do yet,” said Scott Russell, Fixed Operations Director at Phillips Auto Group. “It’s key for them to see these options to help decide ‘where can I be, where do I want to be?’”

“I wanted to get more options in what to do. So far Landscaping looked interesting. It keeps you up and moving, it’s outside a lot, and you can start your own business,” said Jimmy Casey, a junior at Lincoln-Way East.

Thank you to our local partners for providing this educational opportunity for our students!