Lincoln-Way cadets excel at summer leadership school
Monday, July 9, 2018

From June 10 through June 16, 2018, Lincoln-Way students from the Air Force Junior ROTC programs at Lincoln-Way High schools successfully completed a week-long leadership school conducted at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. Cadets endured intense physical training, leadership skill classes and drove determinedly through team-building activities.

Nineteen Lincoln-Way students at the camp were part of approximately 165 cadets representing Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan. Lincoln-Way cadets who attended the course were: Zoe Dauer, Anthony DeStefano, Zach Dryfhout, Gabriel Trotter, Isaiah Hughes, Abigail Knippel, Cheyanne Montano, Lily Olson, Sydney Riordan, Ani Smentek, Jessica Sumrow, Sophia Brattoli, Autumn Doyle, Kirsten Lutz, Colin Murphy, Carleigh Phelon, Joseph Smith, Rebekah Stryjewski and Nathaniel Zambrano. They were accompanied by Lt Col. O’Connor of Lincoln-Way East, and MSgt Schliffka of Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way West.

Lincoln-Way cadets earned a variety of recognitions for their outstanding work. Cadets recognized included:

* Distinguished Graduates (Top 10 percent): Abigail Knippel and Carleigh Phelon

* Top Drill Commander: Zoe Dauer

* Top Squadron Members: Autumn Doyle, Nathaniel Zambrano, Zoe Dauer and Anthony DeStefano

* Top Flight Member: Carleigh Phelon and Jessica Sumrow

* First Place Flight Drill Competitors: Nathaniel Zambrano and Zoe Dauer

* Field Training Exercise Award: Kirsten Lutz

* First Place Orienteering Competition: Carleigh Phelon, Jessica Sumrow and Cheyanne Montano

“Our cadets did an outstanding job representing Lincoln-Way,” says MSgt Schliffka. “This particular Leadership School is considered to be one of the most highly structured and disciplined courses available to cadets in the Midwest. All cadets were personally selected to attend and did not disappoint in their determination to excel. This school provides an opportunity for all of our cadets to grow in their leadership skills which will they will be able to carry over into serving their school and local community.”

Cadet Abigail Knippel, who earned the title of Distinguished Graduate, spoke highly of the experience. “The week I spent at Ohio Valley Leadership School (OVLS) was one of the most interesting weeks of my life,” she says. “From having to march everywhere we go, learning canoeing and orienteering skills and having to eat real military Meals Ready to Eat (MRE’s). Every day held a new experience for all of us. The leadership labs, teambuilding activities and sports were extremely enjoyable and I liked making friends

with cadets from different states. There was never a dull moment at Wright Patterson Air Force Base and I learned so much during my time there; I will never forget my experience at OVLS.”

Students will use their learned skills in the upcoming Lincoln-Way High School Air Force Junior ROTC Summer Drill Camp scheduled for August 6-10, 2018. The camp is open to all Lincoln-Way students and offers an opportunity to learn discipline, leadership and teamwork. Those interested in participating can email MSgt Dan Schliffka at dschliffka@lw210.org for more information.