Lincoln-Way Entrepreneurship students earn college credit
Thursday, May 24, 2018

On Thursday, May 10, 2018, students in teacher Denise Budney’s Entrepreneurship class participated in the University of Iowa’s Exploring Entrepreneurship exam. The exam allows students to earn college credit through the University of Iowa before graduating from high school.

The 60 minute exam contained 50 multiple choice and short answer questions. The comprehensive exam covered each of the eight units studied throughout the year.

“I did a lot of preparing and studying leading up to the test date, but when I took it, it wasn’t as bad as I thought,” says senior Erin Klein. “The teaching style that Ms. Budney has was beneficial to me because it was easy to connect to.”

Although Klein was nervous beforehand, she and 20 other upperclassman passed the test, earning above a 70 percent in order to gain college credit.

“If they pass they will get an email which gives them the steps to follow to get credit, and it can be transferred to other universities, too,” says Budney, who teaches the class at both Central and East.

Senior Jordan Abbasi says, “We’re glad to be able to take the test because now we can have college credits for next year. This class is good because it talks about the generalities of being an entrepreneur and everything there is to becoming one, including both challenges and good things."

Klein says she feels that the studies and class projects helped prepare her for the exam. “The class is a time when we have to access the creative side of ourselves. For part of the class, we had to make up our own businesses and think about something we could actually do in real life. We had to go through every aspect, so that was beneficial.”