Lincoln-Way West hosts Literature Festival
Thursday, May 3, 2018

On Wednesday, April 25 and Thursday, April 26, the Lincoln-Way West library hosted approximately 1,200 students to celebrate Literature Festival. Five published authors spoke to 40 classes, spotlighting their writing process and published literature.

“It was exciting to see so many students interested in meeting authors,” says Lincoln-Way West Librarian Jennifer Bromann-Bender. “The authors all had unique stories about their journeys to writing and getting published, and their different paths inspired our students to see the possibilities for their own futures. We hope to repeat this event next year to expose our students to even more writers.”

Speakers featured included:

• Adam Selzer: Selzer is an American author who has written novels in fiction and nonfiction. Selzer writes about Chicago ghost stories and history, and also leads ghost tours through the city.
• Philip Guimond: Guimond is a Lincoln-Way teacher and author of “The Unferth Accident.”
• Tim Conway: Conway is a Lincoln-Way teacher and author of “Elliot Safe at Home.”
• Norm Cowie: Cowie is the author of “Fang Face,” “The Adventures of Guy,” and “Werewoof.”
• Siobhan Vivian: Vivian is author of “The List” and “Stay Sweet.”

“The thing I enjoyed most from the literature fest was learning how the authors came up with their ideas for books. I have always wondered about that and loved learning ‘behind-the-scenes’ information about the books,” says student Madison Jenkins.