Lincoln-Way East debuts first-ever "Road to Reality"
Friday, April 13, 2018

On Wednesday, April 18, 2018, Lincoln-Way East will present the consequences of drinking and driving in their first-ever “Road to Reality” performance. During Prom Week, the Griffins invite all students, parents, teachers and staff to attend the educational tour. While the event has taken place at Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way West, this will be the first year that the Griffins perform.

“While we’ve had many other educational opportunities regarding drinking and driving, this will be our first-ever ‘Road to Reality’ event,” says Principal Dr. Sharon Michalak. “We are excited to be able to work with Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), local law enforcement and community organizations for this impactful performance.”
High school students, community organizations and emergency personnel participate by role-playing scenes along the "Road," beginning with a teen party where students are drinking and make the unwise decision to get into a car.

The first tour will leave from the main entrance of Lincoln-Way East at 4:30 p.m. Each tour is 30-45 minutes long, and tours will leave every 30 minutes. The final tour will leave at 7 p.m. While waiting for the tours to begin, guests will be able to browse resource tables and talk to educators in the field of safety and substance abuse located in the cafeteria.

The first stop along the tour is the “party scene” where poor choices begin. Next is the "accident scene." This scene shows the result of the teen's poor choice to drive while under the influence of alcohol. A donated car, emergency personnel, Jaws of Life and law enforcement will be present. The scene following the accident will portray an emergency room, complete with local hospital ER staff and equipment.

Next, those on tour will visit the "regret room" where a teen expresses deep remorse about the consequences associated with her decision to drink and drive. The group will then move to the "courthouse" scene to observe the sentencing of the teen driver. A Will County Judge will charge the teen with DUI and involuntary manslaughter. The final and most moving scene is the "coroner," where parents and students will observe the difficult job of dealing with the aftermath of lost life. Participants will observe the heartache of the parents who have lost their child due to the decisions of the drunk driver.

In addition to the performance, Will County will provide their “Hidden in Plain Sight Trailer.” According to Will County, “The trailer is designed to recreate a teenager’s bedroom in order to educate parents of the many potential places that their teen might hide alcohol, tobacco or drugs. The overall goal of the trailer is to teach parents how to spot inconspicuous hiding places and to assist parents with recognizing behavioral warning signs, where to seek support and where to get help.” Adults 21 and over will be allowed to tour the trailer.

Those interested in attending can reserve a spot by calling the main office of Lincoln-Way East at 815-464-4000; walk-ups are accepted as well.