Lincoln-Way Central hosts "Wellness Week"
Friday, March 23, 2018

From Monday, March 19 through Friday, March 23, Lincoln-Way Central Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Department hosted their first “Wellness Week.” The PPS Department partnered with various student organizations to encourage the Knights to focus on health, helpfulness and happiness.

“Our goal was to provide messages that would give our students the skills necessary to cope with all that life throws at them,” says Director of PPS, Michele Newswander.

In order to promote Wellness Week, students from each club were stationed at a table in the lunchroom each day of the week.

On Monday, Interact Club and Key Club encouraged classmates to help their community or help themselves. Their message taught students that “helping others can strengthen the relationship between school and community, but also provides positive impact on the mind and body of the volunteers.” At the table, the club members explained the benefits of their roles within their extracurricular activities. Key Club members regularly cheer on runners of local races, support families at the Ronald McDonald House and make blankets for hospital patients. Interact Club sponsors giving initiatives such as “Glovetober/Socktober,” toy drives and food drives.

Tuesday promoted resiliency through Peer Helpers. Peer Helpers help their classmates through difficult situations by encouraging students to “bounce back” when they experience challenges. Peer Helpers stressed that everyone experiences bad days, but by staying optimistic and utilizing resources, tough times will pass. At their table, Peer Helpers had a handout on resiliency strategies, positive quote coloring pages, as well as a reflective worksheet regarding skills students can use when facing future challenges.

On Wednesday, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), Teens Against Tobacco Use (TATU) and Operation Snowball combined forces to inform fellow classmates of the dangers of substance abuse. Prevention information was made available, along with suggestions to help students make healthy choices. Students of these organizations collected personalized post-it notes from their classmates to create a “Healthy Choices” display board.

Thursday’s message was promoted by Animal Volunteer Club members, who promoted self-care. The students encouraged their classmates to maintain a healthy relationship with themselves to boost confidence and self-esteem. Animal Volunteer Club members promoted many community opportunities for students to partake in, reminding their classmates to “take time to do the things that you enjoy.”

On Friday, National Honor Society (NHS) promoted time and stress management. Senior Mary Zopf says, “In order to manage stress, I block out my homework into manageable sections, and I don't spend too much time on any of it. I attack the assignments with closer due dates first so that I am able to prioritize everything evenly. For me, it's important to commit myself to the task at hand with minimal distractions so that I'm as productive as possible.” The NHS members provided classmates with tips and tricks to help them “find a balance” in their busy schedules.

“Peers play an important role in social development,” says Newswander. “Teaming up with our student organizations allowed the students to be role-models and provide realistic strategies and solutions for overall wellness.”