Lincoln-Way West students prepare for the future in Hero Co-op Business Internship class
Thursday, February 22, 2018

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, seniors enrolled in Business Internship/Hero Co-op classes at Lincoln-Way West prepared among their classmates before participating in mock interviews with the administration.

"This is one of my favorite parts about this class,” says teacher Amy Lidy. “It gives the students the opportunity to prepare for an interview, get feedback, and reflect so they are more prepared when the ‘real’ time comes It is so great that several of the administrators in the district take time to provide this real life experience to my students."

Lidy has been teaching Hero Co-op for seven years. The Business Internship/Hero Co-op program is a combined course of school and work. This program creates opportunities for students to gain skills and experience in a career area before entering college or full-time employment. The program helps students grow as individuals, become valuable employees and gain skills to further their education and lead into a successful career.

In the spring semester, after researching potential summer internships with local businesses, students begin creating resumes and cover letters. Warriors research something that will follow their future career objectives. After finding the director of human resources at a local company, they create a resume and cover letter pertaining to a specific, “real life” job.

Students then learn and practice interview skills with classmates in order to prepare them for a mock interview with members of the District 210 administration. The mock interview questions are based upon the company that students hope will offer an internship in the summer.

"I thought the interview was beneficial because it helped me understand what a real one would be like,” says student Taylor Anhalt. “It is better prep for the real word and what’s to come. It was a great experience and I definitely have an idea of what to expect now."