Lincoln-Way student advances to state competition in "Voice of Democracy" essay contest
Thursday, February 1, 2018

On January 28, 2018, Lincoln-Way students who participated in the “Voice of Democracy” (VOD) essay contest attended the VOD Banquet in order to be recognized for their work. Students from Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way West participated in the annual essay contest which is promoted by the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

This year, the contest asked students to write about “Our Hope for the Future.” Students from District 210 submitted over 180 essays.
There were 12 winners from Lincoln-Way, including two writers who placed in the top three.

Emily Parker took third place, and Sarah Ralph was honored as a state qualifier. At the banquet, students received certificates, pins, as well as cash prizes. The winners are:

Teacher Sara Davy’s students:
• Anna Goodhand
• Emily Parker
• Elizabeth Ihrke
• Maddie Jones

Teacher Hilary Gansauer's students:
• Isabella Voss
• Sarah Ralph

Teacher Lauren Vaculik’s students:
• Louis Baser
• Carson Cady

Teacher Lisa Yanule's students:
• Gina Arndt
• Hannah Kowalkowski
• Emily Neitzel

Teacher Mike Franta’s student:
• Claire Lunde

In Parker’s essay, she wrote about how even though there are mistakes in America’s past, there were a lot more triumphs that can “give us hope.” She says, “I used a lot of examples of how our country came together to overcome events like natural disasters and terrorist attacks.” Her essay earned her third place in the competition.

In her essay, state qualifier Sarah Ralph reflected on her mom’s experience as an immigrant in America. “I always thought her story was really interesting, and she’s the most political person in our family,” says Ralph. During the second weekend in February, Ralph will attend a weekend trip to Springfield with other state qualifiers where they will tour museums and attend a banquet to announce the overall state winner of the essay contest.

“I'm incredibly proud of our winners and their commitment to their writing and to their country,” says Lincoln-Way Central English Department Chair, Sandra Rogina.