Lincoln-Way Central participates in Choose Kindness Week
Wednesday, November 15, 2017

During the week of Monday, November 13, 2017 through Friday, November 17, 2017, Lincoln-Way Central took part in promoting kindness and celebrating World Kindness Day, which is celebrated on November 13 each year, with Choose Kindness Week.

Students encouraged participation during lunch periods by playing Kindness Bingo, writing thoughtful notes to the people in their lives, nominating RAKSTARS (Random Acts of Kindness Stars), and creating a kindness chain. The kindness chain is a chain made of written notes of random acts of kindness created by students, and strung together for a visual representation of how the students are acknowledging their own random acts of kindness.

Choose Kindness Week and the note writing campaign is an amazing way for students to recognize each other and even staff. One student suggested for students to be able to write notes to staff at Lincoln-Way West and Lincoln-Way East as well, so that students may be able to acknowledge teachers and faculty that they might have had earlier in their academic careers.

“I love the fact that the students own this week. They are so excited, and the student volunteers are not from any one group. They are a collection of volunteers that truly care about their school and spreading kindness,” said Bobbi Pehle, Lincoln-Way Central Social Science teacher and Peer Helper Sponsor.

All of the volunteer students are excited about helping promote kindness within Lincoln-Way Central and outside of the school and into the community.