Lincoln-Way Physical Science teachers attend Solar and Wind Power Conference
Wednesday, November 8, 2017

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, six Physical Science teachers from Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-Way Central attended a conference at the IBEW NECA Technical Institute in Alsip, IL. The conference focused on Solar and Wind Power and was sponsored by the National Energy Education Development (NEED).

Last year, the Physical Science curriculum at Lincoln-Way received an overhaul focusing on energy. Throughout the year students learn about energy transfers as well as cover units about motion, sound, radiant, electrical, thermal, chemical, and nuclear energies. During the fourth quarter, students will focus on how and where we get energy, as well as careers in energy.

This conference allowed attendees to learn more about wind and solar power in the United States and Illinois. Teachers were able to tour the technical institute and learn about solar panel and wind turbine installation, as well as experiment with different labs related to solar and wind power.

"The hands on experiences that the NEED curriculum provides our students is beneficial. Whether they become an engineer, electrician, or a general consumer, the real world application of this curriculum will be seen later in life," said Lincoln-Way Central Chemistry teacher Catherine Sieber.

At the end of the conference, Lincoln-Way East and Central became eligible to receive a Wind power lab kit.