Lincoln-Way West students receive National Honor Society induction
Friday, November 3, 2017

On Monday, October 30, 2017, 143 Lincoln-Way West students were inducted to Lincoln-Way West’s National Honor Society (NHS) at 6:30 p.m. in the Lincoln-Way West Fine Arts Center.

Austin Luckett, one of the Lincoln-Way West NHS Officers gave an opening address to begin the induction ceremony. NHS adviser Jessi Miller and Dr. Monica Schmitt gave speeches to the inductees and parents, and this year’s Ron Kokal Award winner, Frank Gatto also gave a speech.

All four Lincoln-Way West NHS Officers, Kevin Beallis, Emily Karalus, Austin Luckett, and Isabella Wilkes, read the names of the inductees.

Students who have a cumulative 3.50 GPA going into their junior or senior year of high school are eligible for NHS. The students must also demonstrate their experience with the remaining three NHS pillars; leadership, service, and character. A faculty Council reviews the students’ forms and decides who will be extended membership and who will not.

“These new inductees selected into the Lincoln-Way West Chapter of National Honor Society has been earned through the Faculty Council’s recognition of outstanding demonstration of the four pillars that serve as standards for the National Honor’s Society; scholarship, service, leadership, and character. I look forward to working with all of them in the future,” says Lincoln-Way West NHS Adviser Jessi Miller.

Lincoln-Way West students who were inducted into the Lincoln-Way West Chapter of NHS include:

Juniors: Anabelle Adochio, Caroline Ahern, Alyssa Albrecht, Ethan Ash, Sean Ash, Kyle Auchstetter, Alexander Austin, Hannah Barger, Theresa Beck, Zachary Blogg, Mautise Boswell, Bridgette Brauer, Michael Bremmer, Giana Cacciato, Madalyn Casto, Arianna Chirillo, Kenneth Clarke, Jason Cler, Rachel Coppens, Janene Coy, Nathan Creech, Lindsay Czarnowski, Abigail Daletski, Christopher Dargan, Emily Davis, Kelli Davis, Madeline Davis, Daniel Dellamano, Matthew DeMichael, Quinn Diers, Madison Eckberg, Therese Egner, Alayna Eick, Cameron Erdman, Kourtney Faber, Madisen Feehan, Aiden Fifer, David Flores, Shannon Flynn, Kailee Galloway, Camryn Gervase, Joe Gonzalez, Kyle Gray, Alexander Grenier, Ryan Hansen, Aidan Hart, Erin Hastings, Tara Hastings, Thomas Hathaway, Jillian Helfrich, Julia Hewitt, Nicholas Hill, Luke Holuj, Hannah Hospodar, Andrew Igel, Delaney Janosek, William Jennings, Kiah Jurgens, Christopher Kennedy, Olivia Kirchman, Anna Kirk, Nathaniel Knapczyk, Brianna Knezz, Kalie Korpitz, Andrew Kwak, Ally LeBeau, Maddison Liapis, Danielle Litman, Sara Loichinger, Kara Lotz, Ahnjee Lowden, Claire Lunde, Shannon Martin, Oliver Mate, Alex McDonald, Nolan McGrath, Brennan McKellar, Dante Mele, Olivia Mierzwa, Julia Mindy, Kasey Mitchell, Nicholas Molenhouse, Isabelle Money, Christa Moore, Marie Moore, Louden Moran, William Motto, Olivia Murphy, Michael Nork, Alexandra Orrico, Sara Ott, Brianne Owen, Gregory Pasek, Norman Paz-Ramirez, Max Pfeifer, Collin Phelps, Benjamin Pluskota, Jessica Polka, Jessica Prince, Elizabeth Prynn, Eileen Quinn, John Quinn, Christina Rauwolf, Abigail Rellinger, Anthony Rios, Corinne Roemer, Isabella Roesing, Jeremy Roseen, Hayley Sawyer, Meghan Schick, Abigail Schliffka, Brianna Schmitt, Hannah Schmitt, Rhiannon Seaborg, Sadie Shafer, Megan Shelton, Jessa Simon, Cooper Simons, Angela Skonicki, Kaitlyn Slager, Marek Spader, Andrew Stai, Eli Stellwagen, Jonathan Stiglic, Megan Stonis, Nicholas Studer, Riley Styx, Zoe Sullivan, Andrew Summers, Abigail Torres, Ethan Trost, Saga Vallow, Cade Vetor, Hannah Wallace, Emily Ward, Aaron Weseloh, Brian White, Emily Wisinski

Seniors: Vincent Abella, Cullen Barry, Marissa Coy, Megan Healy, Colin Knight