A student usually needs eight semesters of attendance to earn the required credits for graduation. A student who has met all the graduation requirements, both total number of credits and required courses, after their seventh semester of attendance is eligible to receive a diploma. For students electing to graduate after their seventh semester, the physical education requirement will be waived for that semester he/she is not in attendance.

Transfer students must meet all graduation requirements (at least seven semesters of high school attendance, 22 credits, and all required courses) before these students are eligible for a Lincoln-Way diploma. Also, all transfer students must be in attendance at Lincoln-Way High School during the regular school year for at least one full semester of their senior year and complete the Prairie State Achievement Examination to receive a diploma from Lincoln-Way High School.


In accordance with Public Act 89-480, students who are bona fide residents of the school district will be allowed to attend school and pay the associated school fees. Lincoln-Way High School does not accept students who live outside the Lincoln-Way High School District. The only exception to this rule is when a student can prove that his/her family has started the process of either constructing or purchasing a residence in the high school district. Such students are subject to a tuition charge. Owning land in, and paying taxes to, the district does not meet the requirement of residency. The residence of the person who has legal custody of a student is deemed to be the residence of the student. Parents are expected to show proof of residency for each child prior to the start of the school year.

Acceptable Proofs of Residency

This act further provides that it is a Class C misdemeanor to knowingly provide false information for the purpose of enrolling a student.