Acceptable Proofs of Residency

As initial proof of residency, the person with whom the student lives within the district and who claims custody of the student must provide the following:

CATEGORY A (provide at least ONE of the following documents):

  • The most recent real estate tax bill for your residence showing you as the taxpayer

  • Completed, signed, dated and notarized Lease Agreement and proof of last month’s payment

  • A closing statement for the purchase of your residence

  • A notarized letter from the owner of your residence stating that you reside at said address and the duration of your residency

CATEGORY B (provide at least TWO of the following documents):

  • Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration

  • Most Recent Gas Bill (Welcome letter permissible)

  • Most Recent Electric Bill (Welcome letter permissible)

  • Most Recent Water Bill

  • Most Recent Cable Television Bill

  • Public Aid Card

  • Current Home Owners of Renters Insurance Policy and Premium Payment Receipt