Quick Notes from the Board Meeting
Quick Notes from the Board Meeting

At the Board of Education meeting held on Thursday, August 28, 2014, the board:

  • Heard a report on how the Illinois State Board of Education will be judging schools in Illinois for the next few years. Student, school and district academic performances will be reported for accountability purposes through a variety of metrics, called a Multiple Measure Index (MMI). Report data will include graduation rates, and achievement in ELL and mathematics, including annual student achievement gap data, as well as student growth over time and progress narrowing achievement gaps between groups of students. It was also reported that some specific achievement goals for the MMI have still to be refined but there are two overarching performance goals: (1) to cut or reduce by half the percentage of all students who are not meeting proficiency levels within six years and (2) reduce by half the state’s achievement gaps within six years.

  • Approved the application for Recognition of Schools for Lincoln-Way Central, Lincoln-Way East, Lincoln-Way North and Lincoln-Way West to be submitted to the Regional Office of Education (ROE). The ROE will electronically forward the applications to the Illinois State Board of Education.

  • Approved the August 1, 2014 payroll in the amount of $2,252,478.32; approved the August 15, 2014 payroll in the amount of $2,123,383.85 and approved the August 29, 2014 payroll in the amount of $2,128,003.07.

  • Heard a recap of Summer School 2014. Total enrollment for Session 1 was 1,278; total enrollment for Session 2 was 1,122. The district transported 292 students during Session 1 and 231 students during Session 2. For both sessions, 57% of the incoming freshmen took a summer school class. For Session 1, 49 courses were taught; for Session 2, 44 courses were taught. Summer School was held at Lincoln-Way East and Lincoln-Way Central. Summer School 2015 tentative dates are: Session 1 – June 15-July 1; Session 2- July 6 to July 22.

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