Quick Notes from the Board Meeting
Quick Notes from the Board Meeting

At the Board of Education meeting held on Thursday, October 9, 2014, the board:

  • During the legislative report School Board President Dr. Arvid Johnson read a statement from board members outlining the potential financial impact SB 16 could have on the Lincoln-Way High School District 210. Senate Bill 16’s changes in the education funding formula will reduce funding for Lincoln-Way District 210 by more than $1.9 million ( a loss of 21% of current State educational funding). Each of the five elementary school districts that send students to Lincoln-Way will also see reduced funding under Senate Bill 16. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 16 does not take fiscal responsibility or academic performance into consideration in its funding formula.

  • Approved the execution of a contract to sell the District’s “escrow account float” under the condition that net proceeds exceed $400,000.

  • Approved the purchase of supplies and materials to upgrade outdoor lighting at Lincoln-Way Central, Lincoln-Way East and the Transportation Center. The upgrade will include LED lights for the parking lots and outdoor areas at the three locations. The project is estimated to save approximately $338,713.60 over a 10 year period.

  • Heard information previewing a new student information system and financial management system as part of a board goal. The new student information system will benefit the district in many ways including: a family account can be created allowing for families with multiple students attending Lincoln-Way to check on their student’s progress and attendance easily; teachers will be able to create a learning environment which will enable them to post assignments and other documents to their gradebook. This will also allow for students to upload their completed assignment to the same learning environment. The new financial management system will be updating the current system which is 25 years old.

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