Asset of the Month
Asset of the Month

I’m excited about a new program for both children and adults that strives to make communities better environments to live, work and learn. We all can make a difference in how our communities function with young people. Children need adults who care.

There is growing interest and concern across the country about our young people. Why do some kids grow up with ease, while others struggle? Minneapolis-based Search Institute has developed a framework of 40 developmental assets that offers practical direction for addressing the needs of today’s youth. Based on extensive research with youth across the country, this framework identifies the basic building blocks of life that all young people need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Research has found that these assets are powerful in shaping young people’s behavior, yet the average young person surveyed experiences only 18 of the 40 assets.

These assets are things that everyone can build, not just professionals. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, a neighbor, a volunteer, or a young person, you can make a positive difference for youth by building these assets through your everyday activities.

This web page will feature the Asset of the Month, the asset category and a definition of what the asset is. Our goal is to have the area religious leaders, schools, community groups and homes all emphasizing the same asset each month, to help to unify this campaign for a better community. Each organization, whether it be a service club, school group, religious group, or in the home, can implement the asset of the month any way it wants. By working with a proven program, we believe we can and will improve the developmental life of our children.

This initiative, which was launched in the spring of 2000, includes the Frankfort and Mokena Youth Commissions, the New Lenox Family Services Commission, the five elementary school districts, Lincoln-Way High School and numerous religious organizations in the Lincoln-Way community.

Research by Search Institute shows that the 40 developmental assets help young people make wise decisions, choose positive paths, and grow up competent, caring, and responsible. The framework of the program organizes the 40 assets into eight broad categories. The eight types of assets are:


Young people need to experience support, care, and love from their families and many others. They need organizations and institutions that provide positive, supportive environments.


Young people need to be valued by their community and have opportunities to contribute to others. For this to occur, they must be safe and feel secure.

Boundaries and Expectations

Young people need to know what is expected of them and whether activities and behaviors are "in bounds" or "out of bounds."

Constructive Use of Time

Young people need constructive, enriching opportunities for growth through creative activities, youth programs, congregational involvement, and quality time at home.

Commitment to Learning

Young people need to develop a lifelong commitment to education and learning.

Positive Values

Youth need to develop strong values that guide their choices.

Social Competencies

Young people need skills and competencies that equip them to make positive choices, to build relationships and to succeed in life.

Positive Identity

Young people need a strong sense of their own power, purpose, worth and promise.

Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Please join us in our campaign for our young people.



Dr. R. Scott Tingley,
Superintendent, Lincoln-Way High School District 210

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