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The philosophy of the World Language Department encompasses a body of beliefs related to learning a second language in the secondary school setting. The philosophy outlines the purpose and value of language study as understood by the department, the role of teachers and students in the process of language learning, and the anticipated outcomes of course completion.


The department believes that learning languages is beneficial to all students. We believe that language acquisition is a process and as such provide students with an extensive sequence of classes. We adhere to a rigorous curriculum which emphasizes the attainment of language and cultural skills. We believe that involvement in language studies contributes to one's intellectual growth, encourages students to be more open-minded, enhances material learned in other disciplines and heightens one's understanding of their own language and culture. Additionally, we anticipate that students will enjoy the benefits of continued language study, reading, travel, past, current and future events, and aesthetic appreciation as a result of language study experiences. Finally, we contend that language acquisition is a life long process that rewards the learner with a broader vision of the world and, in the growing globalization of society today, is an essential component in educating the students of the 21st century.


Teachers in the World Language Department see their role as a facilitator in the classroom. They challenge students to acquire language skills to their fullest potential by providing students with unique and diverse educational opportunities. Teachers also encourage students to go beyond their normal comfort levels by incorporating immersive style instruction while encouraging authentic production of language by students. Feedback and practice are routine as a means to assist students in the acquisition of language skills. Teachers nurture sensitivity to and acceptance of other cultures and create an environment that encourages creativity, initiative, and academic achievement. Finally, teachers commit to improve and adapt teaching practices to better meet student needs and to remain life long learners of languages and cultures.


The student in the World Language Department is an active participant in daily instruction. Open mindedness and a willingness to study daily, memorize thoroughly, listen attentively, and apply grammatical structures will impact a student’s success in language learning. Students can anticipate that as they proceed through successive courses, they will grow in their language usage, appreciation of culture, and experience connections to other disciplines and careers. Students will be strongly encouraged to take advantage of the full course of study offered and conclude their experiences in the World Language Department by taking Advanced Placement Examinations in the areas studied.


The anticipated outcomes of participating in courses in the World Language Department are strengthened with each year of language study. Students will grow in the knowledge of their own language and culture and will attain, to the best of their personal ability, the use of a second language to enhance personal fulfillment through further study, reading, travel, current events, and in the working world. Ideally, students can reach maximum benefits by participating in language study for four consecutive years. After extensive exposure to a second language, students can achieve Advanced Placement credit, enter excelled university/college language studies, and use their skills to advance career and employment opportunities. Finally, because of the nature of acquiring skills in a second language, students will increase problem solving skills in the areas of application, analysis, synthesis, comparison, contrast, and evaluation. All of these anticipated outcomes of language learning add to the creation of an intellectual, well-rounded, communicative person.

Central World Language Department Chair
East World Language Department Chair
West World Language Department Chair
Mrs. Laura Rycyna
Mrs. Carol Book
Mrs. Amy Ficarello