The foundation of a modern, democratic society is a literate citizenry capable of making informed choices. To help students make informed choices, the English Department teaches students to understand, present, and evaluate ideas, information, and opinions.

Because citizens in a democratic society have to function as individuals and as members of groups, the English Department encourages both individual and collaborative efforts from our students. English teachers present students with opportunities for language experiences that assist them in succeeding as responsible members of society. They present students with a variety of methodology, including technology, commensurate with students’ ability levels and learning styles.

English teachers respect all students by viewing students’ writing as a process. The staff helps students develop their own writing style in order to express their own voice. This voice becomes authentic through articulate teacher instruction and consistent student effort.

Teachers respect the open discussion of ideas essential to a democratic society. By presenting students with significant works of literature, teachers help students understand and evaluate important ideas.

Because the staff knows learning is strengthened and reinforced when individual units of instruction are related to previous knowledge, they encourage appropriate connections between what students are learning and what they have learned.

Among department members collegiality and the sharing of ideas are essential priorities. Department leaders encourage teachers to function not only as individual classroom teachers, but also as members of teaching teams and instructional planning teams.

All teachers in the English Department expect their students to be independent thinkers and readers, and coherent writers.

For general questions about the English department, please contact the department chair for your building:

Central Enqlish Department Chair
East Enqlish Department Chair
West Enqlish Department Chair
Mrs. Lisa Yanule
Mr. Mike Franta
Mrs. Mary Hilbert