Art Department Mission Statement and Philosophy

The Lincoln-Way Art Department, in accordance with the school mission statement, is committed to the development of visual literacy as an essential component of a comprehensive curriculum.

The department offers a variety of opportunities and experiences designed to maximize the intellectual, creative, emotional and communicative growth of each student through the study of art production and the role of the visual arts in history, society and everyday life. Our sequential program is designed to develop students’ skills, as well as promote visual awareness, intellectual growth, and self-expression.

It is the intent of this department to develop visual sensitivity and promote lifelong learning skills including creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, evaluation and collaboration. These skills allow students to relate their visual knowledge to other core subjects and approach situations with originality, appreciation and imagination.

The Art Department is dedicated to fostering critically attentiveness to and interpretation of the cultural meanings that visual images convey in today’s society.


State Goal 25: Know the language of the arts.

  1. Understand the sensory elements, organizational principles and expressive qualities of the arts.
  2. Understand the similarities, distinctions and connections in and among the arts.

State Goal 26: Through creating and performing, understand how works of art are produced.

  1. Understand processes, traditional tools and modern technologies used in the arts.
  2. Apply skills and knowledge necessary to create and perform in one or more of the arts.

State Goal 27: Understand the role of the arts in civilizations, past and present.

  1. Analyze how the arts function in history, society and everyday life.
  2. Understand how the arts shape and reflect history, society and everyday life.

For general questions about the Art program, please contact the department chair for your building:

Mr. Phil Labriola