The Lincoln-Way Transportation Center is located at 1343 S. Schoolhouse Road in New Lenox, IL. This location has been the home of the Transportation Center since 1995, when we moved from its previous location at Lincoln-Way Central. The Center has seen many improvements since initially occupying the Schoolhouse Road site, including parking lot improvements, garage additions, and office space remodeling.

The Transportation Center is home to 183 District 210 school buses and also 65 District 843 school buses, all maintained by our four highly qualified mechanics. The driver staff is composed of over 170 qualified drivers for District 210.

Lincoln-Way takes pride in providing efficient and timely transportation services to our own Lincoln-Way students, and the students of New Lenox School District 122, Summit Hill District 161, Frankfort District 157C, and Union District 81.

Contact Transportation: (815) 717-3100