Dr. Scott Tingley, Superintendent Welcome to Lincoln-Way High School District 210.

Lincoln-Way students choose from a diverse curriculum of more than 100 elective offerings and 34 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. In the 2015-2016 school year, AP course enrollment grew by 48%, and the number of AP exams taken by Lincoln-Way students saw a 57% increase. Additionally, the College Board named 461 Lincoln-Way students as AP Scholars, including 21 who earned the highest distinction of National AP Scholar. We are committed to further growing our AP opportunities to prepare our students for college level work and give them a competitive advantage in their college careers.

Over the past four years, Lincoln-Way students have continued to excel on the state's ACT test. The district's composite ACT score for 2016 graduating seniors was 23.1--the highest average in District history. The state average is 20.8. While we will continue to offer extensive ACT preparation to provide students with the skills to excel on the college placement exam, we will also prepare them for the SAT. Since ACT scores at Lincoln-Way have been among the state’s best and have increased steadily over the years, those numbers will translate favorably to the content areas of the SAT. The 2016-2017 testing changes by ISBE will certainly be beneficial for families and students in District 210.

Our focus on catering to individual student needs has allowed our high schools to consistently rank in the top ten percent academically across the state. Recently, Lincoln-Way Central, Lincoln-Way East, and Lincoln-Way West received the highest recognition for high schools by two national magazines. Newsweek ranked Lincoln-Way Central and Lincoln-Way West as two of America’s top 500 high schools, and U.S. News & World Report placed Lincoln-Way East as one of the nation’s top schools.

Our Educational Opportunities (Ed Ops) program provides support for students who might not otherwise graduate and has shown continued growth. During the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years, Ed Ops and correspondence students passed 809 classes and 80 students met graduation requirements. The four-year graduation rate has grown from 91.8 (2013) to 94.3 (2014) to 96.5 (2015) to 97.0 (2016).

Our LIFE Transition program is currently serving 55 students with special needs at Lincoln-Way Central. The program has expanded its facility and has added a greenhouse component to Greetings Galore & More this year. Students enrolled in the program are successful at their jobs in the community.

Our accomplishments are a direct result of our students and teachers shared commitment to success. Lincoln-Way students are highly engaged in our top-notch athletic, music and extra-curricular programs.

As the school year begins, Lincoln-Way continues to provide our students with educational opportunities that will foster successful futures. The Board of Education, administration, and faculty embrace the optimism and promise of this school year and look forward to building upon the rich tradition of student success.

Dr. R. Scott Tingley