Course Selection Process for 2021-2022 Courses
  • Course Selection Presentations: Students will participate virtually in a Course Selection presentation during PE/Health/Drivers Ed/Acellus on January 11 & 12. Counselors will review graduation requirement and explain the course selection process. Access the presentation for your class:
    Sophomore Class of 2024 Course Selection Presentation
    Junior Class of 2023 Course Selection Presentation
    Senior Class of 2022 Course Selection Presentation
  • Virtual Elective Fair
  • Course placements recommendations for English, math, science, social science, world language and PE/ROTC will be entered by each student’s teacher.
  • Students will choose electives. View electives available:
    Sophomore Class of 2024 Electives
    Junior Class of 2023 Electives
    Senior Class of 2022 Electives
  • Beginning January 13, students will be able to access the ONLINE COURSE SELECTION form to select their elective choices for the 21-22 school year. Students must complete ONLINE COURSE SELECTION by January 19th.

    Online Course Selection is closed
  • Counselors will meet with students to confirm course selections from January 21 - February 3 during PE, health, drivers ed, and ROTC classes. Students will tentatively meet with counselors on the following dates:
    • January 21-22: Mrs. Borchert & Mr. Boseo’s classes
    • January 25-26: Mrs. Cremieux & Mr. Gray & Mr. Zajc’s classes
    • January 27-28: Mr. Glielmi & Mr. Hack’s classes
    • January 29: Acellus classes
    • February 1-2: Mr. Villa, Mr. Lokanc, & Mr. White’s classes
    • February 3-4: Mrs. Jager & ROTC classes

  • All students will meet with their counselors individually to confirm classes and answer questions. Students may call, email, message, or schedule an appointment with their counselors if they have additional questions.
  • Virtual Elective Fair